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Protocol Office Article 2012.04.01 Scope of the flag de­cree

According to Section I of the Federal Government Decree concerning flag displays, the provisions of the decree apply to (outdoor) flag displays at official buildings of all federal authorities and offices and at those of the public-law corporations, institutions and foundations (such as museums and memorials) under the supervision of federal authorities. This does not affect special rules governing flag displays by the Federal President. 

Flags are to be displayed at all official buildings and at the installations and facilities of the Bundeswehr and the Federal Police, irrespective of who owns the property. As in the case of official buildings, flags are also to be displayed at those parts of other buildings in which a federal office is located. If several federal authorities or offices are located in one official building, flag displays are the responsibility of the authority that manages the building. 

The Federal Government Decree does not cover indoor flag displays, although some rules should always be followed, such as the order in which flags are to be displayed, but greater room for discretion is allowed.



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