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Protocol Office Article 2012.04.01 Flags in ver­ti­cal for­mat (not of­fi­cial­ly au­tho­rized)

Flags in vertical format are much longer than they are wide and are fastened on the long side to a flagpole. 

Neither the ratio of length to width nor the arrangement of stripes are defined. Sometimes horizontally oriented design elements are vertically oriented on flags in vertical format; sometimes horizontal stripes remain horizontal on flags in vertical format (shorter and much wider). If a vertical-format flag also has an emblem, this is either centred or somewhat closer to the top. 

According to Section I nos. 1 and 3 of the Directive concerning the German flags, only the formats of federal flags and federal institutional flags described there are authorized (see also Section V paragraph 1 (4) of the Federal Government Decree). This means that the federal flag and federal institutional flag in vertical format is not permitted for official use by federal, Länder or local authorities, nor by public-law corporations, institutions and foundations under the supervision of federal authorities.



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