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Protocol Office Article 2012.04.01 Bun­deswehr flag dis­plays

Section VII paragraph 2 of the Federal Government Decree concerning flag displays at federal buildings refers to special provisions governing flag displays at official buildings, installations and facilities of the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces). Joint Service Regulation 10/8 governs flag regulations for the Bundeswehr; Navy Regulation 161/1 on flags, salutes and visit regulations for Bundeswehr ships/boats governs flag displays for boats and ships. Bundeswehr installations and facilities display the federal institutions flag every day. 

Hoisting and lowering the flag every day, known as morning and evening colours, is an element of military custom and part of the tradition maintained by the Bundeswehr. If no military guard is present, the federal institutions flag is to be raised and lowered with respect though without a specific ceremony. Morning colours to raise the federal institutions flag is to take place at 07:00 hours from 1 April to 30 September and at 08:00 hours from 1 October to 31 March; at evening colours, the flag is to be lowered at sundown or no later than 20:00 hours. For military celebrations and ceremonies, the flag may remain flying after sundown as long as it is illuminated by spotlights. 

Gates to the installations, facilities and official buildings are to remain closed during the colours. Traffic should be stopped in time so that no vehicles are parked in the vicinity of the flagpole or staff. Vehicle engines are to be turned off and troops must exit their vehicles. Pedestrians and marching units should stand at attention. While the federal institutions flag is being hoisted or lowered, those conducting the flag ceremony and all troops in uniform should render the military salute. The salute should be rendered immediately after the command is given to hoist or lower the flag or to set it at half-mast; other than at the ceremonial colours, the salute ends with the command to carry on.



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