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Protocol Office Article 2012.04.01 ... at the flag “with the ea­gle” ...

... reveals that it is often not the federal institutions flag. Instead, the photo shows a flag with the federal coat of arms rather than the federal shield. This unofficial flag could be called the “federal coat of arms flag”,  but even some flag makers and sellers wrongly call it the federal institutions flag. 

By contrast, according to Section I no. 3 of the Directive concerning the German flags, the official flag of the federal authorities (federal institutions flag) “shall have the same horizontal stripes as the federal flag and shall bear the federal shield, shifted slightly towards the staff and overlapping both the black and gold stripes by one-fifth, with the eagle facing the staff; the proportion of the hoist to the fly of the bunting shall be 3:5”. 

A direct comparison between the wings and talons reveals the differences between the federal eagle on the federal coat of arms and that on the federal shield.



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