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Protocol Office Article 2012.04.01 Flag sizes

If several flags are displayed at one building, they should all be the same size (Section V paragraph 3 second sentence of the Federal Government Decree concerning flag displays at official buildings of the Federation). In the same way, flags displayed indoors should be in proportion to the space and its use. 

In this large, high-ceilinged conference room in Dresden, standing flags would have been difficult to see and would not have served their decorative purpose. Instead, the flags were hung at different heights, creating a major visual impact. The flags are hung in alphabetical order of the names of the Member States in their own official languages. The flags of the three accession candidates, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey, follow the UK flag at lower right. Flags with the logo of the German EU Presidency 2007 and the European flag fly above all the other flags and are separately illuminated. Large indoor spaces with high ceilings – as shown here in Berlin's Palais am Funkturm – call for large-format flags or banners.



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