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Article 2012.04.01 State oc­ca­sions and state cer­e­monies

Just as individuals use ceremonies or festivities to set meaningful, important and noteworthy events apart from from everyday life, the state uses state occasions and state ceremonies to mark events of national, societal and/or political significance.

The presence at state occasions of representatives of the federal constitutional bodies lends such occasions the quality of a political manifestation and statement of will.

The chosen form, organization and conduct of a state occasion – its ceremony – are designed to make the event meaningful, emotional and rational while enabling citizens to share in the experience. Today, the following elements have come to figure prominently in the ceremony of a state occasion: display of state symbols (flags, coat of arms), attendance of a select group of invited guests, priority seating of the representatives of the constitutional bodies, musical accompaniment, address by the head of state (and by additional speakers as appropriate), the playing of the national anthem and a formal setting.



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